Station Information

Station ID: 668
Latitude: 8.266667
Longitude: -82.866667
Coastline code: 840
Station code: 1
Country: PANAMA
Time span of data: 1951 – 1968
Completeness (%): 94
Date of last update: 01 Jan 1980

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Yellow Marker: Neighbouring RLR Station

Please note: In many cases, the station position in our database is accurate to only one minute. Thus, the tide gauge may not appear to be on the coast.

Additional Data Sources (guide to additional data sources)

Research Quality Data from UHSLC station 304: hourly and daily

Station Documentation

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=========================== FOLLOWING PSMSL DOCUMENTATION ADDED 11-Jun-1991
Puerto Armuelles 840/001 RLR(1964) is 12.6m below BM3
=========================== FOLLOWING PSMSL DOCUMENTATION ADDED 08-Sep-1995
The sea level difference either side of the Panama Canal is approx. 20 cm (higher on the Pacific side) - see for example, Pugh, D.T. 1987, "Tides, surges and mean sea-level", Wiley. RLR 1964 datum at Balboa is 3.112 m below the "Tide Staff Zero" which is itself 12 feet below Panama Canal Precise Level Datum (PLD). On the Atlantic side, at Coco Solo RLR 1993 is 6.288 m below the Tide Staff Zero which is itself 2 feet below PLD there. For the older Cristobal data, RLR 1964 is 6.138 m below the Tide Staff Zero which is itself 2 feet below PLD. From inspection of RLR data and from this information, one can indeed verify that sea level is higher on the Pacific side by about 20 cm. However, the accuracy of the PLD national levelling
system is unclear. Data prior to 1984 supplied by NOAA
=========================== FOLLOWING PSMSL DOCUMENTATION ADDED 26-Feb-1996
Data 1983 and since 1992 received from TOGA office
=========================== FOLLOWING PSMSL DOCUMENTATION ADDED 09-Oct-1996
Gauge type=standard mechanical float and well gauge
=========================== FOLLOWING PSMSL DOCUMENTATION ADDED 31-Oct-2002
Puerto Armuelles - correction factor (RLRFAC) 1983- calculated from correspondance 19/10/92.
=========================== FOLLOWING PSMSL DOCUMENTATION ADDED 27-Feb-2003
Data after 1968 has been moved to a new data series, Puerto Armuelles B (840/002), since it has not been possible to link the two series together with a common datum.

Data Authority

Instituto Geografico Nacional
Tommy Guardia
Apartado 5267
Panama 5