Drake Passage North Deep


Latitude: -55.5370
Longitude: -57.9573
Start of first deployment: 2012-12-14
End of last deployment: 2015-01-18
Ocean region: 4.2

Green arrow: Current Bottom Pressure Location
Yellow Marker: Other Bottom Pressure Location

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Deployments (all channels from each deployment)

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Start End Latitude Longitude Depth Data Metadata
2012-12-142013-12-28-56.035-57.96582003DPN_DEEP_1213_DQ43122: ;HourlyDailyTide
Raw data file
2013-12-202015-01-18-55.03909-57.948982031DPN_DEEP_1315_DQ90803: ;HourlyDailyTide
DPN_DEEP_1315_120411: ;HourlyDailyTide