Successful Session at Planet Under Pressure

23 Apr 2012

Planet Under Pressure was a major international conference held in London 26-29 March 2012 that focused on finding solutions to the challenge of global sustainability. Over 3000 people attended the conference at which the PSMSL (Philip Woodworth, Simon Holgate and Svetlana Jevrejeva) took the lead in organising a session on the second day called Past and Present Sea Level Rise and Ice Sheets.

The session consisted in an afternoon and evening of poster presentations with over 30 posters contributed, and a panel discussion earlier in the afternoon with four distinguished panelists and a well-known TV journalist as Chairman. The panel gave their views on many aspects of the science of sea level change, its impacts and its costs and took questions from an audience of 200 people. The Chairman was David Shukman, BBC Science Editor, and the panel members were:

The PSMSL thanks the Chairman, panel members and poster presenters for making this such an enjoyable event.