New Sea Level Data from the Arctic

PSMSL has received historical monthly mean sea level data for four new locations in Russian Arctic. Some of these records span more than 50 years, including Polyarniy (1906-1990), the earliest observation in the Arctic region. The three other stations are Burgino, Mys Pikshueva, and Teriberka.  

Acknowledgement: We are grateful to project team of the International Polar Year project 'Long-term Sea Level Variability in the Nordic Seas (LEVANS)' for providing the data to PSMSL. This project ran from 2007-2009 and was funded by the Research Council of Norway.  The project team included Vladimir Pavlov (Project co-ordinator) and Olga Pavlova from the Norwegian Polar Institute and Igor Ashik from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russia).