Information on the Submission of National and Regional Reports

Submission Formats

New or updated descriptions should be provided in electronic form either in Microsoft Word format, html or Adobe Acrobat PDF form, either emailed to or provided to the PSMSL on disk.

We do not wish to lay down strict rules for style, but we suggest that the reports be approximately 6 pages long and consist of some of the following components:

1. Date of report N.B. this is very important
2. Title e.g. National Report of Nigeria
3. Name(s), address(es), tel/fax/emails of the authors
4. Map(s) of tide gauge network in country or region
5. A list of gauge sites
6. An overview of the gauge technology employed in the network
7. An overview of the GPS etc. technology in the network
8. An overview of the data availability
9. Web, email etc.addresses of data banks and of sources of further information

Note that the intention is to provide country or regional overviews in these reports, and not to supply very detailed information on each gauge site itself. The latter function is provided for GLOSS sites through the GLOSS Handbook.