Hawaii Sea Level Center

The University of Hawaii Sea Level Center (UHSLC) collects, processes, and distributes sea level data and products in support of various multi-national field programs and for climate and global change research. The UHSLC has four primary functions:

1) the maintenance of an array of tide gauges in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, most with satellite data telemetry;

2) the collection and quality assessment of sea level data from various contributors world-wide for inclusion in the 'Research Quality Data Set';

3) the collection of sea level data from various contributors world-wide for distribution in near-real time as part of the 'Fast GLOSS' data set;

and 4) the production of sea surface topography maps (monthly) and diagnostic time series (quarterly) for the Pacific Ocean as part of the JCOMM (Joint Technical Commission on Oceanography and Marine Meteorology of the WMO and IOC) Sea Level Project in the Pacific (ISLP-Pac).

The UHSLC has played a major role in the development of GLOSS, for example by providing the GLOSS (previously WOCE) Fast Centre. It has provided a range of sea level data sets and products, participated in training courses and has provided quality control and tidal analysis software to the community.

Research is also conducted at the UHSLC with the data collected by its subordinate activities. Areas of interest include: tropical ocean dynamics, calibration of altimetry data with in situ sea level data, climate variations on internannual and decadal time scales, the impacts of climatic events on fisheries, and the development of new cost-effective methods for data collection and station maintenance.

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