Revised Local Reference (RLR) Diagram for RAROTONGA B

Station ID: 1843

RLR diagram based on the information in the datum section below

If the image above appears blurry, or you would like to see a larger image, please view the full-sized image of the RLR diagram.

Datum information

Add 6.345m to all data values to refer to RLR
RLR is 10.577m below primary benchmark BM 18

Ellipsoidal information from SONEL (explanation)

RLR Height above ellipsoid:6.924 ± 0.009 m
Vertical Land Movement Rate:-0.72 ± 0.36 mm/yr
GNSS Solution:ULR6b
GNSS Availability:2001-09-10 to 2021-11-22