Peltier's GIA Predictions Updated

13 Aug 2012

Prof. W. Richard Peltier and Dr. Rosemarie Drummond have provided updated predictions of glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) at the tide gauge locations. These files now include the PSMSL ID and contain the full list of sites as of 8 Aug 2012. The predictions are for the ICE-5G v1.3 ice model and an earth model with the VM2 viscosity profile and 90 km thick lithosphere. In addition to predictions for relative sea level, as would be measured by tide gauges, there are also results for crustal uplift at the same locations. Finally, there are predictions on a global one-degree grid.

If you have previously used Prof. Peltier's predictions from the PSMSL website, we suggest that you use this most recent update. More information and predictions are available at Prof. Peltier's Datasets page.