Sea Level Symposium at Joint Assembly

10 Oct 2012
Updated 11 Oct 2012

As part of the effort to mark the 80th anniversary of the PSMSL, Philip Woodworth is co-convening a joint symposium at the IAHS/IAPSO/IASPEI Joint Assembly in Gothenburg, Sweden, in July 2013. This session, HP3 led by Dan Rosbjerg, is entitled "Implications of sea level change for the coastal zone - A symposium to mark the 80th anniversary of the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL)". A further description is given below, but it is important to note that the deadline for submissions is 4 Feb 2013.

Session Description: One of the most notable consequences of climate change is a substantial sea level rise, which seems to occur even faster than climate models have predicted. This will create a wide range of problems in the coastal zone including, e.g., increased risk of inundation from the sea and along rivers, salt water intrusion in coastal aquifers, new patterns of coastal erosion, changing water quality, less effective urban drainage etc. This calls for intensified adaptation measures with strong socio-economic implications, and particularly in poor countries this will become a major burden. The symposium will address the whole set of problems related to the ongoing and predicted sea level rise.