EGU 2008 IS48 Presentations


talk image Woodworth, P.L.; Rickards, L.J.; Jevrejeva, S.; Holgate, S.J. ; Bradshaw, E.; Tamisiea, M.; The Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level in its 75th Year
  Nerem, R. S.; Chambers, D. P.; Mitchum, G. T.; Willis, J.; What Have We Learned About Sea Level Change from Satellite Gravity and Altimeter Measurements?
  Proshutinsky, A.; Ashik, I. ; Hakkinen, S.; Hunke, E.; Krishfield, R.; Maltrud, M.; Maslowski, W.; Zhang, J.; Sea level variability in the Arctic Ocean from observations and model results
  Gehrels, W.R.; Global acceleration of sea-level rise at the end of the 19th century
talk image Liebsch, G.; Blasi, C. J.; Capturing vertical land movement and sea level changes
talk image Barbosa, S. M.; Examining trends in extreme sea-levels from long tide gauge records
talk image Willis, J; Chambers, D; Nerem, R; Toward Closing the Globally Averaged Sea Level Budget on Seasonal to Interannual Time Scales (solicited)
  Dyurgerov, M.; Glacier volume change and contribution to sea level in the last 50 years; global reanalysis (solicited)
talk image Unnikrishnan, A.S; Estimation of sea-level-rise trends in the north Indian Ocean coasts from tide gauge records and satellite altimetry (Dr. Unnikrishnan's talk is covered in a commentary.)
talk image Grinsted, A.; Moore, J.; Jevrejeva, S.; Observational evidence for volcanic impact on sea level and the global water cycle
talk image Yildiz, H.; Andersen, O.B.; Kilicoglu, A.; Simav, M.; Lenk, O.; Sea level variations in the Black Sea for 1993-2007 period from GRACE, altimetry and tide gauge data
talk image Beckley, B.D.; Zelensky, N.P.; Lemoine, F.G.; Luthcke, S.B.; Ray, R.D.; Mitchum, G.T.; Jacob, S.D.; Pavlis, E.C.; Assessment of current estimates of global and regional mean sea level trends from TOPEX and Jason-1 altimetry based on revised reference frame and orbits
talk image White, N; Church, J; Gregory, J; Domingues, C; Extracting optimum value from the PSMSL sea-level data: Combining tide gauge and satellite altimeter data (solicited)
talk image Marcos, M.; Tsimplis, M.N.; The forcing of coastal sea-level rise patterns in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea
talk image Hibbert, A; Leach, H; Woodworth, PL; Hughes, CW; High latitude atmosphere-ocean coupling in sea-level records
talk image Anzidei, M.; The Medchange team; Sea level changes and vertical land movements in the Mediterranean from paleo-historical indicators, modern instrumental data and model predictions
talk image Teferle, F.N.; Bingley, R.M.; Williams, S.D.; Bradley, S.; Milne, G.A.; Woodworth, P.; Shennan, I.; The Effect of Vertical Land Movement Data Sets on Estimates of Sea Level Rise around the UK
  Chambers, D.; Nerem, R. S.; Willis, J.; The hunt for Ice-Melting Fingerprints in GRACE ocean data
  Lowe, J. A.; Howard, T.; Horsburgh, K.; New projections of 21st century extreme sea levels around the United Kingdom coastline (solicited)
talk image Zemp, M.; Armstrong, R.; Haeberli, W.; Hoelzle, M.; Kääb, A.; Kargel, J.; Paul, F.; Raup, B.H.; International monitoring of glaciers and ice caps, and their contribution to present and potential sea level changes
talk image Katsman, C. A.; Vermeersen, L. L.; Hazeleger, W.; Drijfhout, S. S.; van Oldenborgh, G. J.; The Importance of Ocean Dynamics and Gravity Changes Induced by Ice Melt for Regional Scenarios of Sea Level Rise
talk image Watson, C; Data archaeology: sea level change at Macquarie Island since Mawson's 1912 expedition
talk image Bingham, R.J.; Hughes, C.W.; The relationship between sea-level and bottom pressure variability in an eddy permitting ocean model
  Letetrel, C.; Wöppelmann , G.; Valladeau, G.; Lefevre, F.; An improved absolute calibration of satellite altimeters using a globally distributed network of gps-corrected tide gauges


poster image Woodworth, P.L.; Tinkler, K.; Mean high waters and extreme sea levels at Liverpool since 1768: the work of William Hutchinson 1716-1801
poster image Gouriou, T.; Wöppelmann, G.; Pouvreau, N.; Tide gauge records on the Charente-Maritime French Atlantic coast back to the middle of the 19th century
poster image Wöppelmann, G; Martín Míguez, B; Créach, R; Tide gauge records at Dakar, Senegal (Africa): towards a consistent sea-level time series spanning more than 100 years?
poster image Bradshaw, E; Gordon, K; Holgate, S; Jevrejeva, S; Rickards, L; Woodworth, P; PSMSL and GLOSS: The delayed-mode data centre
poster image Aarup, T.; Bradshaw, E.; Rickards, L.; GLOSS and the PSMSL
  Nikitin, O.; Zhukovskaya, A.; Database on coastal sea level observations for seas surrounding Russia
  Marcos, M.; Tsimplis, M.N.; Somot, S.; Barnier, B.; The forcing of sea level in the Mediterranean Sea between 1960-2000
  Metreveli, G.; The Black sea present eustasy, coastal zone vulnerability and basic information for adaptation projects
poster image Holgate, S; Roussenov, V; Williams, R; Hughes, C; What are the processes behind decadal scale sea level variability in the North Atlantic?
poster image Jensen, J.; Wahl, T.; Frank, T.; Blasi, C.; AMSeL - Mean Sea Level and Tidal Analysis at the German North Sea Coastline
poster image Hughes, C. W.; Sea level variability in the Argentine Basin.
poster image Barbosa, S. M.; Silva, M. E.; Sea-level variability in Chesapeake Bay: Nonlinear trends and changing seasonality
poster image Yildiz, H.; Simav, M.; Sezen, E.; Cingoz, A.; Kilicoglu, A.; Sea level trends along the western coasts of anatolia from tide gauge, satellite altimetry, gps and levelling data
  Martinez-Benjamin, J.J.; Martin Davila, J.; Garate, J.; Bonnefond, P.; Martinez Garcia, M.; Ortiz Castellon, M.A.; Talaya, J.; Rodriguez Velasco, G.; Perez, B.; Monitoring Sea Levelby Radar Tide Gauge and GPS in the North Western Mediterranean
  Becker, M; Jevrejeva, S; Karpytchev, M; The discrepancy between the sea level recorded at Brest and Newlyn analysed by the Singular Spectrum Analysis.
  Becker, M; Karpytchev, M; Comparison of different methods for searching shifts in sea level records
poster image Llovel, W.; Cazenave, A.; Lombard, A.; Ablain, M.; Dorandeu, J.; Ramillien, G.; Global mean sea level over 2002-2007 from tide gauges and altimetry, and ocean mass component from GRACE
  Calafat, F.M.; Gomis, D.; Marcos, M.; Pascual, A.; Ruiz, S.; Recovery of sea level fields of the last decades from altimetry and tide gauge data
  Valladeau, V; Ablain, A; Lefevre, F; Guinehut, G; Cazenave, C; Lombard, L; Using in-situ measurements to assess the error on the global mean sea level trend
  Ablain, M.; Philipps, S.; Dorandeu, J.; Cazenave, A.; Lombard, A.; Estimating the errors in global and regional mean sea level trends from Jason-1 and T/P altimetry
  LLovel, W. ; Cazenave, A.; Berge-NGuyen, M.; Lombard, A.; Rogel, P.; Past sea level reconstruction based on tide gauges and spatial patterns of OGCMs with assimilation
  Wenzel, M.; Schröter, J.; Combined Assimilation of GEOSAT, TOPEX/Poseidon and tide gauge reconstruction data into a global OGCM
poster image Jevrejeva, S.; Grinsted, A.; Moore, J.; Holgate, S.; Global sea level reconstruction 1807-2002
  Moore, J.C.; Grinsted, A.; Jevrejeva, S.; Reconstructing sea level from paleo and projected temperatures 100 to 2100AD
poster image Jevrejeva, S.; Moore, J.C.; Grinsted, A.; Relative importance of mass and volume changes to global sea level rise
  Tamisiea, M. E.; Hill, E. M.; Ponte, R. M.; Davis, J. L.; The impact of the annual hydrological cycle on tide gauge data
  Schmith, T.; Johansen, S.; Thejll, P.; Statistical analysis of global surface temperature and sea level using nonstationary methods: Evidence for multidecadal internal variability?
poster image Petrie, E.; King, M. ; Moore, P.; Sea Level Change using Vertical Land Motion from GNSS: Higher-Order Ionospheric Effects
poster image Teferle, F. N.; Bingley, R. M.; Williams, S. D.; Geodetic Monitoring of UK Tide Gauges in the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level Revised Local Reference Data Base
  Furlani, S.; The Sea Level Change Team; Record of the Holocene relative sea level change along the Italian coastline and comparison with some instrumental data
poster image Plater, A.; Kirby, J; Mills, H.; Assessing the use of metal pollution trends in saltmarsh sediments from the Mersey Estuary, UK, to provide chronological data for recent sea-level reconstructions.
poster image Gomis, D.; The VANIMEDAT Team; The VANIMEDAT project: decadal and interdecadal sea-level variability in the Mediterranean Sea and the Northeastern sector of the Atlantic Ocean