Revised Local Reference (RLR) Diagram for TOYAMA

Station ID: 1389

RLR diagram based on the information in the datum section below

If the image above appears blurry, or you would like to see a larger image, please view the full-sized image of the RLR diagram.

Datum information

Add 5.718m to data values 1975-1998 to refer to RLR (1991)
Add 5.729m to data values 1999 - to refer to RLR (1991)
RLR (1991) is 8.8m below Attached Benchmark.

Ellipsoidal information from SONEL (explanation)

RLR Height above ellipsoid:31.287 ± 0.012 m
Vertical Land Movement Rate:Not robust
GPS Solution:ULR6
GPS Site Used:P207
GPS Availability:2003-06-04 to 2018-03-03