Further Information on BPR Links

The links provided on the map do not go directly to the data at each site. Generally, one will have to explore further links to obtain the data. Below, we have provided a few tips, but a sense of adventure is required. Note that we are quite happy to link to other ocean bottom pressure records. Please contact psmsl@noc.ac.uk.


Go to the National Oceanographic Database data series search page at BODC. Under the "Project" tab, select "RAPID-WATCH", "RAPID-WAVE", "RAPIDMOC", and "Rapid Climate Change Programme". Under the "Instrument" tab, select "Bottom pressure sensor tide gauge".

Acclaim Data

The weblink is to a directory listing containing the data. Please see the inventory file for additional notes. Most of this data also appears on the Global Undersea Pressure (GLOUP) page. GLOUP was an earlier, similar effort to what we are hosting. The data from GLOUP is more consistently processed than the Acclaim data, and more similar to the data processing employed here.


Jump down to the "Water-column Height" data to obtain the ocean bottom pressure data. This data is not quality controlled. Quality controlled historic data can be found at this NCEI page. This second link may have additional locations not present on the first.


The data can be found under "Data Products" and "CPIES Data from GSO/URI".


A link to the data is found in the "CPIES" section of the Data page.

Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project

The bottom pressure data for the three to four moorings is available under the link to each year's deployment.

North Pole Environmental Observatory

From the linked page, click on "Download NPEO Data here" and then "North_Pole_Bottom_Pressure_Records". Note that due to the projection used by Google maps, the markers had to be moved south in order to be displayed.