NDBC 44401 - 620 NM S of St Johns, 790 NM NE of Bermuda


Latitude: 37.5577
Longitude: -49.9957
Start of first deployment: 2007-09-01
End of last deployment: 2012-12-17
Ocean region: 1.2

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Yellow Marker: Other Bottom Pressure Location

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Start End Latitude Longitude Depth Data Metadata
2007-09-012010-05-2437.551-49.985539144401_0710: ;HourlyDailyTide
2010-05-252011-04-1537.561-50.001537744401_1011: ;HourlyDailyTide
2011-07-032012-12-1737.561-50.001537744401_1113: ;HourlyDailyTide