IUGG Sea Level Session and IAPSO Commission on Mean Sea Level and Tides Meeting

There will be both a Union (U-08) and an Inter-Association (JP-03) symposium entitled "Global and regional sea-level change" at the IUGG meeting in Melbourne, 28th June – 7th July. Please see the IUGG 2011 website for more information. The abstract submission deadline is 1st February. Earlybird registration is due by 11th April.

During the IUGG there is also to be a meeting of the IAPSO Commission on Mean Sea Level and Tides. Anyone with interests in sea level is welcome to attend this - if you plan to, please send an email to Philip Woodworth at plw@noc.ac.uk and he will as soon as possible let you know when and where it will take place and provide you beforehand a report on the work of the Commission in the last four years.