Two PSMSL Members Receive IOC Award

2 Aug 2011

Lesley Rickards and Philip Woodworth were amongst 43 recipients of 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medals from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) on 22 June 2011. Medals were awarded, as part of the IOC 50th Anniversary celebrations, to those deemed to have made a substantial contribution to the work of IOC. In its citation, IOC says that recipients "...are decorated for their exemplary dedication to the IOC, for their devotion to the IOC mission and for their continuing support to IOC activities."

Lesley was recognised for her 25 years experience in managing marine data. She was the Chair of the IOC International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange Committee between 2003 and 2007, is a member of the International Council for Science World Data System Scientific Committee, and is the current director of the PSMSL. Philip was the director of the PSMSL for two decades. He has contributed to the IPCC, was a chair of the Group of Experts on GLOSS, worked with the IOC on the development of the African sea level network, and contributed to the use of tide gauges for tsunami monitoring.