Update of 18 Tide Gauge Data Sets in Russian Arctic

Revised monthly sea level data for 18 tide gauge stations in Russian Arctic were downloaded from the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russia) website. These data cover the period 1950 to 1990. As is consistent with our policy, we have replaced the existing records with these new time series from the official data authority.

Replaced station records include Aion (1954-2008), Ambarchik (1950-2009), Amderma (1950-2009), Anabar (1991-2009), Dunai (1951-2009), Golomianyi (1954-2009), Izvestia (1954-2009), Kigiliah (1951-2009), Kotelnyi (1951-2009), Pevek (1950-2009), Rau-Chua (1950-2009), Sannikova (1950-2009), Shalaurova (1950-2009), Sopochnaia Karga (1958-2009), Tiksi (1949-2009), Ust Kara (1950-2009), Vankarem (1950-2009), and Vise (1953-2009).

Acknowledgement: We are grateful to the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russia) for providing the data to the PSMSL.