75th Anniversary

PSMSL organised three events in celebration of its 75th Anniversary. The highlight of the year was 'Liverpool, Home of Sea Level Science: Sea Level Rise and Climate Change', a session at the September 2008 meeting of the British Association Festival of Science in Liverpool. A number of distinguished speakers from the UK and abroad presented an overview of the measurements and causes of sea level change, as well as the history of this research at Liverpool.

In addition, PSMSL gathered scientific experts to discuss ongoing research into sea level. It planned a special Interdivision Session at the 2008 Assembly of the European Geophysical Union ( abstract and contributed presentations.) Furthermore, it sponsored the Geological Society's William Smith Meeting 2008. The meeting was titled "Observations and Causes of Sea-Level Changes on Millennial to Decadal Timescales" and occurred 1-2 September 2008.